Lenticular Printing

Small and large quantities. From business card to mural size. Commercial, fine art, tradeshows. Visual effects: 3D, Flip, Motion and combinations. Design and printing.

The Power of Influence

Give your message the Power of Influence. To create images, promotional campaigns and powerful and effective ad concepts use lenticular technology. Creation of 3D imaging through to interlacing, printing and finishing, we handle all stages of the high resolution lenticular printing process.

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Here are a few numbers (stats) published by Time Magazine comparing lenticular and traditional printing:

  • 96% of their readers recalled the brand messaging of a lenticular ad.
  • 91% of their readers acknowledged reading more than half the article related to the lenticular ad. These numbers dropped significantly 30% to 40% for the regular ad.
  • 72% of their readers recalled not only the brand messaging of the lenticular ad but the company as well.
  • 62% of respondents admitted feeling more attracted to companies using this method of advertising.

Rule of thumb, every marketer knows that a regular direct mail will generate 1-2% response rate and it takes, on average, at least 3 repeats to product significants results. However, a lenticular promotional concept developed for CIBA Vision generated a 9.5% responses rate in a single mailing. Other companies that have invested in similar activities have reported comparable results; some even higher responses rates (13% in one case).

Another case study regarding a famous European alcoholic beverage company using a lenticular display with their product in 3 test stores, demonstrated that 21% of consumers that usually did not drink their brand, felt attracted to the display and thought they aught to give it a try. 15 days later, the beverage company returned to the test stores and asked consumers if they remembered the display:

  • 91% of the consumers recalled seeing the display.
  • 31% asked about the product.
  • 34% could not recall what the competitors display (conventional 2D printed) looked like.
  • 1.3% demonstrated a change in brand loyalty.

Recent Lenticular Projects

Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum

A large format lenticular panel was inserted into a mural for the new interactive exhibition at the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum.

other news

Ministère de l'éducation, loisir et sport

Lenticular posters were created to promote safety in hockey. Look out for them in your local Quebec Hockey arena.

Adbar for Caramilk and Trident

Lenticular Adbars were created for multiple Trident gum and Caramilk chocolate to promote some products.

Other Lenticular Projects

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